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How to Choose Dog Breed – 5 Factors to Consider. For Kids & Old Folks Too

How to choose dog breed

Choosing a dog breed can be a challenging and exciting process, especially for first-time owners. More importantly, you’ll have lots of questions in mind, like which dog breed is best for me? How to find a family-friendly dog? What kind of dog breed should I get? So, if you’re wondering how to choose the dog breed, you’re at the right place. Here, we’ll share some factors that can help you choose the best dog breed.

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How to Choose the Dog Breed – Consider These 5 Factors

How to Choose the Dog Breed

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to finding a new dog. Your goal should be to find a dog that is compatible with your living accommodations and life. More importantly, when you choose the right dog breed, it can be best for both of you. So keep the following factors in mind, and choose the best dog breed.

  1. Size
  2. Breed
  3. Schedule
  4. Activity Level
  5. Age

Let’s have a brief explanation of all these factors.


When you want to choose a dog breed, ensure that you consider the size of your living place. Do you live in your own house or an apartment? Do you have enough space to bring a large dog home? Moreover, can your living area accommodate small dog breeds? Do you have a backyard where your dog can play? So, it’s the most important factor to consider when choosing a dog breed.


According to AKC, there are seven dog breed groups such as Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Sporting, Herding, and Non-Sporting. All these breeds have different personality traits. You need to decide which dog breed will be compatible with your family. For example, if you have allergy issues, consider hypoallergenic dog breeds.


If your dogs aren’t compatible with your schedule, they’ll not get the attention and care they need. Therefore, you need to ask yourself a few questions, such as do you have time to take your dog for a walk? Can you spare some time for dog training? If you have a tight schedule, choose an independent and senior dog.

Activity Level

Ensure that the dog breed you’ll get home is compatible with your activity level. If you’re a low-energy owner, a high energy dog can easily frustrate you. So, you need to perform a self-examination before taking any decision, for example, whether you need a lazy lap dog or an adventurous dog that’s always up for hiking, running, and camping.


Dog’s personality changes with age. For example, adult dogs have calmer temperaments. Moreover, you know the health record and personality of older dogs, so there is less risk of a gamble. Finally, older dogs don’t perform well with small children, so keep it in mind if you have small kids at home.

How to Choose the Dog Breed for Kids?

How to Choose the Dog Breed for Kids

When you choose the right dog, it can make all of you happy. So, consider the following things when choosing a dog for kids.


All dogs have different activity levels, and most dog breeds enjoy the outdoors. If you have kids, then you can bring an active dog home. Your children can engage them in outdoor sports and activities. Therefore, consider your kid’s temperament and lifestyle when choosing the dog breed.

Allergy Issues

Some kids and parents might have allergy issues. Therefore, it’s essential to choose dogs that won’t trigger allergies. So, if you or your kids are suffering from allergies, you can bring Shih Tzu, Maltese, and Portuguese dogs. If you don’t do this, it can make the allergy issues worst in kids.

Grooming and Care

If you’re the one who will be taking care of your dog’s grooming needs, then you can bring any dog breed. But if your children will groom your pets, then bring dogs with shorter coats.

It will be easy for your kids to groom and take care of such dogs. More importantly, avoid bringing older dogs because they need more attention and care, and your kids might not be able to provide that.

How to Choose Dog Breed for Old Folks?

How to Choose Dog Breed for Old Folks

Choosing a dog breed for old folks isn’t an easy decision. Most senior citizens prefer small dog breeds. More importantly, the best dog breed for senior citizens depends on the health and preferences of seniors. So, consider the following factors when choosing a dog breed for old folks.

Energy Level

Some older citizens have mobility issues, so you should bring less energetic dogs for them. Actually, the energy level of an owner can help choose the best dog breed. Generally, large dog breeds require more exercise as compared to small dogs. So, for older citizens, small and less energetic dogs are best.

Size and Nutrition Needs

Another crucial factor for choosing a dog breed for senior folks is size. Larger dog breeds can knock senior citizens down when they’re excited. Moreover, they need more food as compared to smaller dogs. Larger dogs suffer from various health issues, so they’ll put an extra burden on your pocket. On the other hand, smaller dogs need less exercise, and they’re easy to bathe and walk.


The amount of time you can spend on a dog’s grooming is crucial. Generally, senior citizens are free, and they can spend lots of time to groom their pets. So, they can bring dog breeds that require regular brushing and baths.


It’s the last but most important factor in choosing a dog for senior folks. For senior citizens, older dogs seem to be the best option. Older dogs are house-trained and well-socialized, and they tend to be calmer.

So, you should consider all these factors when choosing dogs for kids and old folks.

Final Words

How to choose the dog breed is the most frequently asked question, especially by first-time owners. Therefore, we have answered this question in detail. So, you can choose any dog breed by considering all the factors mentioned above.  

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