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How To Teach Dog to Speak In 6 Ways

Dogs are pretty awesome. They’re great companions and they make wonderful pets. Teaching a dog to speak may sound like a pretty crazy idea but it turns out it’s not as far-fetched as you’d think. Some dogs have learned to speak by using simple techniques and tricks. This blog on dog speech will look at some of the techniques and ways to teach your dog to speak.

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How to Teach Your Dog to Speak?

Teach Dog to Speak

To begin the training one of the important things you need is your dog toys and some healthy snacks. Rewards should come quickly, seconds or minutes at the most, otherwise, they lose their effectiveness. You’ll want to make sure you’re rewarding your dog’s behaviors appropriately so that they learn what behaviors earn them a reward and thus become more likely to repeat those same behaviors in the future.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

6 Ways to Teach Your Dog to Speak

  1. Identify the Reason

    If your dog barks lookout for what reason they start barking. If you understand the reason that causes your dog to bark go back to step number one.

  2. Reward Your Dog

    If your dog barks at the doorbell ring it again and when your dog stops barking at it reward him with a treat or toy.

  3. Add Speak Command

    As you mark the behavior use a command like speak. Every time your dog is about to bark add the command speak so he would start associating it with the cause.

    As you move forward in training reward your dog with a single bark. This is important because you are not training your dog to bark for a long time.

  4. Add Hand Signal

    You can also add a hand signal with the verbal cue. As your dog bark give to speak a command and give them a hand signal like opening and closing of your hand in front of their face.

  5. Continue Practice

    Keep practicing again and again as your dog starts understanding that the speak command and hand signal are cues to bark.

Teaching your dog to bark can also help you to cope with excessive barking behavior because you can train your dog that you are only rewarding a specific kind of barking behavior.

Teaching this command only work on those dogs that bark. If you are training a puppy it’s important to wait until they develop the ability to bark.


Teaching your dog to speak is easy, but it does take practice and patience. We hope that this article has given you some great strategies for teaching your dog to speak and that you are able to use them to teach your dog to speak quickly and easily.

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