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How To Teach Dog to Stay In 4 Simple Steps

Are you looking for a way to keep your dog from coming onto the kitchen counter or going into a certain room? You can use the Stay command to give your dog a time out or prevent him from going into a room or a place you don’t want him to be in. Teaching your dog to stay is a great way to keep him from doing anything you don’t want him to do. This article will go over a few different tricks that your dog can master relatively quickly.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

How to Teach Your Dog to Stay?

This command is one of the easiest to master and with a little patience and devotion your dog can learn it. Your stay training will be successful if your dog stays in his position from a few seconds to a few minutes on your command. Here is how you can teach your pup to stay in simple steps.

Teach Dog to Stay

Time needed: 5 minutes.

4 Steps to Teach Your Dog to Stay

  1. Get the Necessary Things

    When you are starting the training session you will need an extra-long leash, a collar, and some treats. This command training is only possible for those dos who know the sit and down command

  2. Command Your Dog to Go In Down Position

    Start the training by commanding your dog to sit down or lie down. Some dogs are more active and they keep moving around for such start with the down position.

    Now raise your hand palm facing towards your dog and say in a firm voice to your dog to stay. If your dog stays in his position reward him with a treat

  3. Repeat Again and Again

    Again get your dog in a down position and praise him for the good behavior. Again command your dog to stay by the motion of your hand and take a few steps backward.

    You must keep the hand signal in play and if your pup stays in his position walk toward him and praise him and reward him with a treat. If your pup moves from his place start from the first step.

  4. Practice in Distraction

    Keep training until your dog stays in one position for more than 30 seconds. After that, you can begin working on making it more challenging for them. You can change locations, add distractions, where you will be training them or increase the distance from you. That way they don’t become dependent on a “safe space” while they’re learning.

    Also, it may be helpful to leave their line of sight while they are engaged in staying put eventually, they will understand that your location is not what counts. Once that happens, being able to leave their line of sight during the training becomes an added challenge.


The stay trick is easy to learn, but only if you know what you’re doing. The stay trick involves your dog sitting or lying down and staying in that position while you are out of sight. You can use the stay trick in several situations, whether you want your dog to wait at the door while you get the mail, or you want your dog to stay in bed until you wake up. Teaching your dog the stay trick is easy to do, and you can teach your dog this trick in a matter of minutes.

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