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10 Best Healthy Snacks for Dogs That Are Nutritious & Tips For Giving

Most pet owners don’t want to visit a pet store to get healthy snacks for dogs. The good news is that there are unlimited nutritious and healthy treats readily available in the kitchen. For example, many vegetables and nutrients are not only safe for dogs, but they’re also suitable for fulfilling their nutrition needs. More importantly, they’re different from treats like dog biscuits. So, it’s essential to choose healthy snacks for dogs to ensure that they remain in good health and don’t get overweight.

But here, we’ll discuss the healthy and nutritious snack options. So, don’t go anyway and read this article till the end.

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10 Best Healthy Snacks for Dogs

When it comes to choosing snacks for dogs, there are unlimited options. So, there is a possibility that you might choose the wrong one that can hurt your pet’s health in the long run. But the following options are not only safe for dogs, but they’re healthy and nutritious as well.


Feeding an apple a day can reduce your vet visits. Apples are healthy snacks for dogs. Apples contain fiber that can support your dog’s digestion. Moreover, apples are a good source of Vitamins A and C, and they protect against free radical damage.

Apples can keep your dog’s mouth and breath fresh because they can remove residue from the dog’s teeth. Although apples are not dangerous to dogs, the seeds and core can be poisonous, so remove amygdaline before feeding an apple to dogs.


Like apples, bananas are also rich in fiber. They also contain potassium, copper, and vitamin C. They are crucial for a healthier heart, increased energy, and improved digestion. But banana is rich in sugar, so the best practice is to feed them in moderation.


Green Peas

They’re good treats for dogs and good in both fresh and frozen forms. You can use them as training treats or make them part of your dog’s daily diet.


They’re high in fiber and rich in antioxidants like vitamins C and K. Berries get their color from anthocyannins. So, whenever you’re eating blueberries, share some of them with your dog as well. You can make them more attractive to your dog by breaking them and unleashing the scent.



Most pet owners often want to know, can dogs have carrots? And the answer is yes; they can eat carrots. Carrots are not only safe for dogs, but they protect dogs from various diseases. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and beta carotene. Both these nutrients help dogs fight against various diseases.

It has been observed that vegetables like carrots help prevent or slow down the development of the disease. Like Apples, carrots can also prevent plaque buildup and remove the film from the teeth’s surface.


They are free from fats and oils. But they are filled with nutrients like potassium, biotin, magnesium, and vitamins K, C, and B-1. More importantly, cucumber will not let your dog suffer from dehydration because it’s rich in water content. So, you can use them as snacks or treats during summer days. Finally, the presence of phytonutrients in cucumber helps fight bacteria, so your pet will enjoy a fresh mouth and breath.


It’s a powerhouse of vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. Vets often recommend it for pets suffering from constipation and diarrhea. You can serve it in moderation. Too much consumption can cause obesity in pets.


Red Peppers

How can we miss red peppers when talking about healthy snacks for dogs? You can use slices of red peppers as a sweet treat. Ensure that you remove stems and seeds. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins that boost immunity and help reduce inflammation. Remember, spicy peppers can upset your dog’s stomach, so avoid feeding spicy peppers to dogs.


It provides many health benefits to dogs. For example, vitamin C and fiber boost immunity. Moreover, it contains malic acid, which helps in teeth whitening. Be cautious when serving strawberries to dogs because they’re rich in sugar, so feed them in small proportions.

The best practice is to feed fresh berries because canned fruit contains added sugar and syrup. Both these ingredients can cause problems. More importantly, when you try strawberries as a treat, start with a small amount so that it doesn’t upset the dog’s stomach.

Sweet Potatoes

The last one on our list of best healthy snacks for dogs is sweet potatoes. They’re rich in vitamins B-6 and C and beta-carotene. Moreover, it contains minerals like potassium to help dog kidneys work correctly, and it also helps maintain the right balance of fluid in the dog’s body.

Potassium also helps nerves and muscles function correctly. It’s rich in fiber that helps digestion. Feed steamed or boiled potatoes when you cook them at home. Avoid feeding raw potatoes because they cause digestion issues. Moreover, don’t feed dried sweet potato treats because they can result in kidney disease.


Tips for Giving Healthy Snacks to Dogs

Now you know the healthy snacks for dogs, the next important question is how to feed them. What are the best practices? Let’s find out.

  • Cut your snacks or treats into small sizes so that they’re easy for dogs to chew and swallow. Large chunks of either vegetables or fruits can pose a choking risk.
  • When you add a new treat into your dog’s daily diet and notice digestive or stomach upset, discontinue feeding that snack.
  • Calculate your dog’s daily calorie intake and ensure that treats will not increase the daily calorie intake. Otherwise, it can lead to obesity.
  • Make treats or snacks part of your dog’s meal to avoid additional calorie intake.
  • Take your dog for a walk, exercise, and play games. Reward your dog with the snacks for following your commands.
  • No doubt, small changes in a dog’s diet can go a long way to improve your pet’s health but meanwhile, keep an eye on your dog’s health to see if anything goes wrong.

So, you can try the snacks mentioned above because they’re healthy snacks for dogs and follow these tips to avoid health issues.

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