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How Are Dog Years Calculated & 5 Signs That Shows Your Dog May Be Leaving

Scientists have found that during the first five years, dog’s age quickly and later on, the aging process becomes slow. Is it right? But the question is, how many dog years are in one year & how are dog years calculated? Generally, one year of a dog’s life is considered equal to seven human years. Most people calculate their dog’s age this way. If you’re also doing this, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

But the issue is this method for calculating dog years isn’t accurate because the method was only created based on assumptions. As dogs age faster than humans, it was assumed that one dog year is equal to seven human years. But in the recent past, some scientists have developed a more precise method. We’ll discuss this method in detail.

How Are Dog Years Calculated – A More Precise Method

So far, you are familiar with only one method of calculating dog years to human years, but it’s not accurate. The best and most reliable method for calculating a dog’s age is to use this formula:

With Scientific Calculator

Human age = 16ln (dog age + 31)

It might be pretty complex for some people to calculate their dog’s age to human years. But the good news is you can do it on a calculator in a few seconds.

How Are Dog Years Calculated with scientific calculator

Time needed: 1 minute.

How To Calculate Dog Years Precisely With Scientific Calculator?

  1. Take Your Dog Age +31

    Says your dog age now is 5, then the age after adding 31 is 36.

  2. Press 16

    Press 16 in the calculator

  3. Press “ln” button

    Press the “ln” button in the calculator

  4. Press The Number in Step 1

    Press the number you’ve gotten in step 1

  5. Get the Result

    You shall get your dog age which equal to human years.

With Manual Calculation

Another method for calculating a dog’s age is by using the weight. It’s a reliable and accurate method for small, medium, and large dogs but ensures that their weight is less than 100 lbs. The methodology is:

  • 1st year of dog’s life = 15 Human Years
  • 2nd year of dog’s life = 9 Human years

After that, each dog’s year will be equal to 4 to 5 human years. So, you can trust this methodology for calculating dog years. Generally, smaller dogs live longer than larger dogs. So, you can get an idea from these methods and formulas about your dog’s age.

How Are Dog Years Calculated chart

Why Do Smaller Dogs Live Longer Than Larger Dogs?

One thing is clear smaller dogs have a longer lifespan than larger dog breeds, but why? The age of large dogs accelerates at a fast pace. When the dog’s weight increases, it reduces its lifespan. Scientists concluded that every 4.4 lbs increase in a dog’s weight lessens the dog’s life by one month.

There are various reasons for the short lifespan of large dogs. For example, they suffer from age-related illnesses sooner than smaller dogs. But more research is required to find the relationship between age and mortality.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Leaving?

The hardest thing is to say goodbye to your pet as a pet owner. Nobody wants to lose their pet, but we have to say goodbye to them at some stage. But the question is, how do I know if my dog is leaving? The following symptoms or signs can help you understand that your dog is leaving.

5 Signs That Shows Your Dog May Be Dying

Sometimes dogs die immediately due to accident or heart failure. But in most cases, they suffer from various diseases and show some signs that they may be dying. So, keep an eye on the following signs.

Pain and Discomfort

Both these signs show that your dog may be leaving soon. It’s not easy to determine when your dog is in discomfort, but the following symptoms can help you understand that your dog is in pain.

  • Aggression
  • Restlessness
  • Loss of mobility

Some other signs can be hiding, panting, trembling, and reluctance to interact with the family. Moreover, dogs find it difficult to settle down and rest. Some dogs start sleeping more. While others might find comfortable places for rest and they might not be willing to leave them.

Loss of Appetite

When dogs experience nausea or pain, they start to lose appetite, and it’s common in dogs, especially when they reach their final days. More importantly, your dog will begin to lose weight at a rapid pace. When dogs don’t eat much, or there are changes in metabolism due to certain diseases, they start to lose weight and appetite. Some dogs suffer from vomiting and diarrhea during the last days of their lives.

No Interest in Their Favorite Sports, Toys, or Activities

When dogs don’t take an interest in their favorite toys, activities, and sports, it means they might be leaving soon. Some dogs start to seek more attention from family members while others stop interacting with family. Other signs to look for are lethargy and depression.

Loss of Mobility

When dogs get old, they experience stiffness and pain. Moreover, they get weaker in their old age. They’re reluctant to participate in daily activities. During this time, you need to provide them assistance. For example, you can take them outside to relieve themselves and provide them with food, water, and medicines.

Difficulty Breathing

When your dogs are dying, they show difficulty in breathing. You can notice lengthy gaps between inhaling and exhaling. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about that. Therefore, it’s a challenging time for any pet owner.

How to Prepare Yourself to Say Good-Bye to Your Dog?

Now, you understand the signs that your dog is leaving or dying. Most of the signs mentioned above are treatable. Vet visits can help you extend your pet’s lifespan. Moreover, you can ask your vet about the best options to make your dog’s final days more comfortable.

Take your pet to their favorite places to make their final days memorable. Take photos with them and get custom designs so that they can be remembered for a long time.  So, this is the best way to say goodbye to your furry friend.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed how are dog years calculated? We shared different methods. After that, we tried to find out the signs that show your dog is leaving. So, you can use this informative guide to calculate dog years to human years. More importantly, keep these signs in mind and say goodbye to your pet in the best possible way.

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