10 Unique Male Dog Name & Female Dog Name with Meaning in 2022

Unique Male & Female Dog Name
female dog names with meaning

Welcoming a new dog to your family is always exciting. Naming your dog can be tough sometimes – especially if you don’t want a name that sounds like every dog at the park! If you’re looking for some unique dog name inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a list of popular and unique male & female dog names start with R, D, I, T & J together with their meaning.

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Dog Names Start With R

5 Boy Dog Names Start With R & The Meaning

  • Raffael – which means “God has healed/Healer”.
  • Ranger – “forest guardian” in French.
  • Riley – means “courageous or valiant”.
  • Rocco – The German name which means “restful”.
  • Romeo – means “a pilgrim to Rome”.

5 Girl Dog Names Start With R & The Meaning

  • Reese – means “enthusiasm” in Welsh.
  • Rita – a name of Spanish origin that means “pearl”.
  • Ruby – means “deep red precious stone”.
  • Rutvi – “Very kind and honest” in Sanskrit.
  • Rylia – a name of Irish origin means “courageous warrior”.

Dog Names Start With D

10 Dog Names Start With D & The Meaning

For Boy

  • Daffy – means “beloved”.
  • Darel – means “tenderly loved”.
  • Dash – short form for “Dashiell” which means “the ash tree”.
  • Duke – a name of Latin origin which means “leader”.
  • Dylan – means “son of the sea” in Welsh.

For Girl

  • Delilah – an ancient name of Hebrew and Arabic which means “delicate”.
  • Devis – means “Goddess” in Sanskrit.
  • Diva – Latin word for goddess.
  • Dora – a Greek name that means “gift”.
  • Duchess – means “leader or commander” in Latin.

Dog Names Start With I

5 Dog Name Male Start With I & The Meaning

  • Ian – means “God is gracious”.
  • Iggy – means “fiery ones”.
  • Igor – a Russian name with the meaning of “warriors”.
  • Ikemen – means “good or exciting” in Japanese.
  • Issac – means “one who laughs or rejoices” in Hebrew.

5 Dog Name Female Start With I & The Meaning

  • Ibbie – “God’s promise” in Hebrew.
  • Ilena – means “torch/light/bright/shining” in Greek.
  • Indigo – means “purplish-blue color”.
  • Iris – the name of Goddess of Rainbow in Greek.
  • Ivory – means “white and pure”.

female dog name meaning

10 Dog Name Male Start With T & The Meaning

For Boy

  • Timea – “Good spirit and cheerfulness” in Greek.
  • Thor – means “God of Thunder” in Scandinavian mythology.
  • Toby – means “God is good”.
  • Travis – means “to cross”.
  • Trevor – means “homestead” in Welsh.

For Girl

  • Tanya – “Fairy queen” in Russian.
  • Tasha – short for “Natasha” and means “born on Christmas Day”.
  • Titania – means “giant or great one”.
  • Trinity – means “The Father, Son and Holy Spirit as one God”.
  • Tyanna – “Followers of Christ” in Russian.

female dog name meaning

5 Boy Dog Name Start With J & The Meaning

  • Jake – “God will protect”
  • Jaya – means “victory” in Sanskrit.
  • Jamie – “may God protect”, short for James.
  • Jerry – a Hebrew name which means “Exalted of God”.
  • Juno – means “youth” in Latin.

5 Girl Dog Name Start With J & The Meaning

  • Jada – means “good and beautiful” in Arabic.
  • Jasmine – a name of Persian origin which means “gift from God”.
  • Jojo – “Beauty beyond compare” in Hebrew.
  • Jolene – means “pretty” in French.
  • Junnie – means “obedient and pure”.

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