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How To Teach Dog to Roll Over In 5 Simple Steps

Teaching your dog a new trick can be fun. But, teaching your dog a new trick can be a lot of hard work and takes concentration. Teaching your dog the trick of rolling over is not the easiest trick to teach but can be done with a little bit of effort and patience. You need to be sure that your dog is ready to learn before you start the process. If you have not already got your dog used to listening to your commands then this is a good time to do so. Once your dog is ready to learn you can teach them the trick of rolling over.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over?

Before you begin training your dog, make sure you have attention and your clicker. Be sure to practice the trick in a comfortable, soft environment where your dog will be relaxed. This is an important step since you’ll finish up with a well-trained pet that’s much happier.

Teach Dog How to Roll Over

Time needed: 5 minutes.

5 Steps to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

  1. Get Your Dog in Down Position

    When you’re trying to train your dog to roll over, you can start by giving it a “down” command. When the dog is lying down with its head it’s time to teach them to roll over.

  2. Use Treat to Motivate

    Give the treat a good sniff! You should see your dog’s ears go pag, pag, and turns his head to follow the treat. To roll over, you’ll need to keep that treat in sight of your dog first he will roll over to one side by chasing the treat and then rotate it around so he has to fully roll over to the other side.

    After your dog performs a full roll in the grass, give it the treat immediately after its successfully done so.

  3. Add Verbal Cue

    Once your dog begins to consistently roll over and has previously been taught to associate a verbal command with the trick (make sure your hand signal is recognized as well), it’s time to add in a verbal cue.

    Hold out your hand and say “roll over” before moving the treat around its head and torso to encourage it. You can also combine the hand signal and verbal command.

  4. Practice Without Treat

    If your dog starts doing a roll over trick it’s time to practice giving that command without providing a treat as a reward. If your dog still rolls over immediately, wait until they have completed their roll and then release the treat as a reward following the command you used.

  5. Practice Outdoor

    The next step you should do is to practice in outdoor locations. It will be difficult because of the noise, other people, and vehicles but you can get your dog’s attention with a treat. Start practicing as you did indoors and once your dog master the command start practicing without treats.

Before You Start…

Before you start training, make sure your dog is comfortable with you handling him. Start with simple things like petting and stroking his head, back, and ears. Rub his tummy or scratch behind his ears. Be confident, relaxed, and loving. Practice again and again with patience so your dog will learn this command. If your dog learns you can show it at the family gatherings as well.

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