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13 Best Dog Breeds for Family Guarding & What Makes Them The Best

Dogs serve many purposes, such as they’re used as companions, in medical to diagnose cancer, for guarding and many more. But there are so many dog breeds, and all of them are useful for guarding. So, if you want to know the best dog breeds for guarding, you’re at the right place.

Here we’ll discuss the best guard dog breeds to protect your family and home from danger. Mainly the role of guard dogs is to protect their owners against unwanted people, animals, and threats. Nowadays, almost all modern dogs act as home guardians, but some best guard dog breeds possess specific characteristics.

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13 Best Dog Breeds for Protection

dog breeds for guarding

When it comes to choosing the best guard dog breeds, there are various options. But we have shortlisted the following 13 dog breeds for guarding based on their temperament, courage, physical strength, and loyalty.

1. Doberman Pinscher

This dog breed is ideal for people who want to protect a large piece of property. This dog breed can reach an intruder in a quick time because these dogs are incredibly quick. More importantly, they’re known as the most intelligent dog breed.

These dogs are fearless, loyal, and alert. Before bringing Doberman Pincher, one thing should be clear they need lots of exercise. So, if you have an active lifestyle and a large yard, then get this dog breed home.

2. Bullmastiff

They’re known for their extreme family loyalty, courageousness, protection instincts, and physical strength. When we talk about dog breeds for guarding, you should have a bullmastiff.

When an intruder tries to enter the home or cross the fence, they try to block their path or knock them over by using their strength. But bullmastiff is an excellent household pet because they’re very docile.

3. Komondor

Initially, these dogs were bred to protect herds of sheep. They possess the ability of natural guard dogs. Komondors are known for their loyalty, physical strength, courage, dignity, and activeness. You can make them devoted family pets with proper obedience training and socialization.

4. Rottweiler

These dogs were bred to protect cattle. They’re relentless protectors of their pack. Rottweilers are known for their intelligence and loyalty to their owners. If they’re not introduced to strangers, they can be aloof with them. Therefore, they are the best guard dog breeds. Moreover, they’re the best guard dogs for families because they’re quick learners.

5. German Shepherds

When we talk about the best protection dogs, how can we forget German Shepherds? They’re ideal guard dogs because of their willingness to learn commands and high intelligence. They are bold, fearless and confident. Therefore, German Shepherds are the best dog breeds for guarding. Generally, they have a calm demeanor, but they react quickly when they feel their home or family is threatened.

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6. Puli

These dogs were bred for herding. But due to their smart nature, they’re an excellent choice for guard dogs. When something ordinary happens, they start barking to alert their owners. But they require constant companionship. If you can provide them, then bring this guard dog breed home.

Moreover, your family must have an active lifestyle for bringing this dog breed home because they love outdoor activities like hiking.

7. Giant Schnauzer

They’re known for their power and dominance. Therefore, they’re the best guard dogs for families. They’re loyal to family members, but they’re very intimidating when it comes to strangers. But you need to provide them with lots of mental and physical stimulation so ensure that you can provide them with constant attention.

8. Akita

They’re fiercely proactive by nature. Akitas are social, playful, and tend to be silly. They don’t bark much, but it means something is wrong when they bark. Ensure that you socialize them early so that they can behave well with other animals and family members.

9. Rhodesian Ridgeback

These dogs tend to be independent in nature, and they were initially bred to hunt lions. They’re good watchdogs and loyal to their family. They don’t bark much, but it means there is something wrong when they bark. They’re not naturally obedient, so you need to train and socialize them. Moreover, they need time and attention because they love to act like a lapdog.

10. Staffordshire Terrier

People often get confused and consider them American Pit Bull Terrier. But when we talk about the best dog breeds for protection, it’s one of the best dogs for guarding. Their aggressive and protective nature makes them the best guard dog for families.

Ensure that you train and socialize them at an early age. These dogs gel very well with families, but they’re intimidating to strangers. But without any second thought, you can bring them home because they’re good household pets.

11. Boxer

Another best dog breed for guarding is a boxer. They’re playful and patient. Moreover, they’re suitable for families with kids. By the look of their face, they appear to be intimidating, but they’re not aggressive. You need to train them to use them as guard dogs. Their energy levels are high, so you need to provide them with plenty of exercise.

12. Kuvasz

Initially, they were bred to guard livestock, but nowadays, they serve as home guards. Kuvasz is territorial, and they know how to protect their family. They crave attention from their family but tend to be aloof with strangers. They’re very energetic, so you need to provide them with plenty of activities and take them outside for some activities to keep them fit.

13. Caucasian Shepherd

They’re known by different names. Their face resembles a bear, but they can be powerful and fierce. Moreover, they have a long history as guard dogs. Initially, they were bred to hunt bears and wolves. They have sweet and calm nature, loyal to their families. But you need to provide them with proper obedience training.

Which One Is Your Favourite Dog Breeds for Guarding?

So, these are the best dog breeds for guarding. You can bring any of these to ensure that your home and family are safe from intruders.

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