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Why Does My Dog Like to Stay By My Side When I Am Asleep? Here Are The 10 Reasons

Now you have finally found a dog bed that’s comfortable, washable, and, more importantly, it matches your home décor and budget. You test it and bring it home for your pet, hoping that your furry friend would love it. But the things don’t go according to planning. Your pet still prefers to stay by your side even though there are many comfortable options available. You start wondering, why do my dogs sleep with me instead of their bed?

There are plenty of reasons for it, and we’ll try to share the most common reasons with you. So, let’s start.

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10 Reasons Why Does My Dog Like to Stay By My Side When I Am Asleep?

why Dog Stay by my side

Pet owners often ask, why is my dog sleeping on me? Moreover, they want to know, why is my dog sleeping on my bed with me? So, without wasting any time, let’s discuss why dogs do this.

1. They’re Social Animals

When you go back and check their history, you’ll come to know that they are pack animals. It means they prefer to sleep in groups. So, if they’re trying to sleep with you, you need to understand that it’s their natural instinct.

2. They Feel Alone

When you allow your dog to sleep once on your bed, they will never want to sleep alone again. Even you bring the coziest and most comfortable bed for them. So, they’ll try to sleep on your bed every night. When you ask them to stay on their bed, they often make a whimpering sound, indicating that they’re not willing to leave your bed.

3. Smell Attracts Them

Freshly laundered sheets and the smells of candles attract dogs to your bed. Many pet owners bring dog beds for this reason, but still, dogs are drawn to our human beds. It’s not only about the smell of sheets or candles. And dogs get used to the smell of their owners as well.

4. To Get Some Heat

You might have brought cozier bed, but it might not please you or provide the heat they’re looking for. When dogs sleep on their own bed, they might get heat only from their own body. But during cold weather, they prefer to sleep with their owners; it provides them with the much-needed warmth.

5. It Makes Them Feel More Secured

Another reason dogs love to stay by your side is that it makes them feel more secure. Outside noises will not bother them. As you know, dogs are pack animals, so when they’re close to you, they feel that they’re around other pack members. As a result, they feel more secure.

6. To Show Affection

Dogs always don’t sleep with you for their benefit. Sometimes they want to pay you back by showing some affection and love. Dogs are known for their affectionate nature, and they tend to rub their stomach, head, and face against you before sleeping. So, it can be the reason why your dog likes to stay by your side during sleeping.

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7. To Protect You

As mentioned earlier, dogs are pack animals, and they tend to sleep together to protect each other. They do the same with their human companions. So, when your dogs lay close to you, it means they want to provide warmth and protect you.

You might wonder, when there is no threat, why do they do so? They’re guard animals, and they want to lie close to you so that they can protect you if intruders come there.

8. To Strengthen Bonding

Are you still wondering why is my dog sleeping in bed with me? It can be another reason for this behavior. When dogs sleep closer to you, it means they want to strengthen their bonding with you. When dogs get attached to their owners, they do different things to build strong bonding with their owners. They sleep closer to you because, in this way, they show trust and mutual respect.

9. To Get Rid of Separation Anxiety

Now you understand that dogs get emotionally attached to their owners. So, when they leave them alone for some days, they suffer separation anxiety, which can negatively impact their overall health.

On the other hand, they remain alert when they sleep with you. Whenever you try to leave your dogs alone, they wake up.

10. They Don’t Like Their Bed

You might have purchased the most comfortable and expensive dog bed, but still, there is a possibility that your dog might not like it. So, when they don’t get the desired comfort, they tend to sleep with you on your bed or sofa.

You can bring another bed for your dog or allow them to sleep on your bed. It will not be easy for first-time pet owners to choose the right bed straight away. Moreover, it will be a hit and trial method.

So, these are the reasons why dogs prefer to sleep with you.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Is Staying By Your Side When You Are Sleeping?

There is nothing to worry about if your dog is trying to sleep with you on your bed. Follow the below-given tips:

  • If your furry friend does this, ignore this behavior, especially if you don’t have any other option.
  • Ask your dog to sleep elsewhere and reward your dog for following your command. Ensure that you do this with positive reinforcement.
  • Take measures to fix separation anxiety in dogs. Otherwise, they’ll not leave you alone.
  • Pay close attention to your dog’s behavior. If you feel they’re in discomfort, consult your vet immediately.
  • If everything is fine, but still your dog prefers to sleep with you, it means his preference is changed.

Final Words

So, if you’re wondering why is my dog like to stay by your side? Or why does my dog sleep with me on my bed? Then there can be various reasons for it. We have covered most of them in detail. We have shared some tips to deal with this situation so that you can try them.

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