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7 Dog Breeds Best for Family & What To Consider When Choosing

When you decide to bring a dog home, it’s not easy to determine which one you should bring. There are so many dog breeds available, so how can you choose the best family dogs? Moreover, you never know which one will be a perfect fit for kids. We have compiled a list of 7 dog breeds best for family to make things easier for you. We’ll share some valuable tips for choosing the best family dog. But ensure that you involve everyone in the decision-making process when you want to add dogs to your family. So, let’s start.

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What to Consider When Choosing Dog Breeds Best for Family?

What to Consider When Choosing Dog Breeds Best for Family

When it comes to choosing the best dog for your family, it’s essential to consider your lifestyle, the size of the dog, and the energy level of the dog. So, let’s discuss the 3 crucial factors that can help you choose the best family dogs.

1. Temperament

Here you should consider your dog’s personality. Dogs with agreeable temperaments are best for families. For example, when you bring a calm dog home, there is a possibility of strong bonding between kids and dogs.

2. Energy Level

Here you should consider your lifestyle. For example, some dogs need plenty of exercise to remain fit and healthy. If you can provide them with what they need, bring energetic dogs. Otherwise, they suffer from behavioral issues when you don’t utilize or burn their energy. If you can’t take them outside for a walk or exercise, bring a lap dog.

3. Size

It’s another important factor to consider but remember to consider the dog size in relation to temperament and energy level. Generally, smaller dogs are excitable, while larger dogs are docile. If your kids are small, then avoid bringing large size dog breeds.

7 Dog Breeds Best for Family

7 Dog Breeds Best for Family

It wasn’t easy to choose these 7 best family dogs, but we researched the best dog breeds for you.

1. Mutts

If it’s not essential to purchase purebred dogs, consider mixed breeds as well. As the name indicates, they provide traits of two great dog breeds. The best practice is to adopt a dog because, in this way, you know the behavioral background of the dog, and also, you create space for a new dog at the rescue or shelter. Moreover, they can tell you about the dog’s personality and habits.

2. Golden Retriever

Consider the Golden retriever if you’re looking for a loyal, intelligent, kind, and confident dog breed for your family. They’re ideal for kids because of their patience. But they’re suitable for families with active lifestyles because they need a lot of exercise. The good news is you can bring Frisbees for them because they love retrieving games.

Kids will fall in love with Golden Retrievers because of their obedient and affectionate nature. You need to brush their golden coats twice a week.

3. Labrador Retriever

When discussing dog breeds best for family, how can we Miss Labrador retriever? Due to their loving, playful, affectionate, and reliable nature, they’re the most popular dog breed. Moreover, they’re easy to train because of their intelligence. Like Golden retrievers, their exercise needs are high, and they need plenty of space to run and play.

Regardless of their color, they have the same obedience, stamina, and strength. More importantly, labs gel with everyone they meet. They have short coats, so weekly brushing is enough to keep them clean. Unfortunately, they shed a lot so if you or your kids have allergic issues, avoid bringing this dog breed home.

4. Poodle

They’re very smart and gentle dogs. Poodles are caring and loyal. But when they don’t get attention, they get bored. The good news is these dogs are available in two sizes, so you can choose one that suits your living environment. They’re ideal for kids and families suffering from allergies because they don’t shed much.

As mentioned earlier, they have different breeds. For example, Standard Poodle is smart, adventurous, obedient, and playful. They get along well with kids and their owners, but they’re shy of strangers.

On the other hand, Miniature Poodle wants one dedicated person. They have all the traits of a Standard Poodle, and they’re good with other pets and kids. So, regardless of the Poodle breed you bring, ensure that you take regular care of their coats.

5. Irish Setter

Another one on our list of dog breeds best for family is the Irish setter. These dogs love to be around people, and they’re playful and energetic. Therefore, they do well when they’re around children. You can’t leave them alone because they love to be surrounded by their family members.

If you have energetic kids, then an Irish setter is the best option because they need lots of exercises. They’re easily trainable, and you must have a yard for them where they can run, play, and fetch toys. They have long coats, so you need to groom them regularly to prevent hair mats.

6. Vizsla

This dog breed is ideal for families with active and energetic older kids. They’re loyal, affectionate, and have a lively disposition. More importantly, Vizsla is intelligent, obedient, and confident. They learn new tricks quickly and build strong bonding with family members. They’re easy to groom because they have short coats.  

7. Newfoundland

Newfoundland is the last one on our list of dog breeds best for family. It’s the most intelligent dog breed in the world. Moreover, they love children, so they’re ideal for families with kids. They’re kind, gentle, and patient. This large and wonderful dog can win the hearts of all family members.

If you want to bring this dog home, ensure that you have large open spaces. But unfortunately, they drool and shed excessively. Moreover, their long coats require regular maintenance. You can use them as life-saving pets because they’re good swimmers. Lastly, they’re easy to train.

Which One Is Your Favourite Dog Breeds for Family?

So, these are dog breeds best for the family. If you have kids, you can bring any of these dog breeds home without any second thought.

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