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Which Dog Breeds Get Along with Cats? Here Are The 7

It’s no secret that dogs and cats have a long history of animosity. Siblings of cats and dogs may, in fact, coexist peacefully and even grow close to one another. Perhaps you’re a dog owner and would like to add a cat to your home, or you may be a cat owner and would like to add a dog.

But which dog breeds get along with cats? In this article, we’ll look at several dog breeds that are known to get along well with cats.

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Whether you’re a dog enthusiast hoping to facilitate a seamless transfer or a cat lover hoping to add to your furry family, this information will help you make an informed choice. Also it will encourage a harmonious coexistence between these two well-liked creatures.

7 Dog Breeds get Along with Cats

Are you thinking about sharing a roof with cats and dogs? Then you should look into which dog breeds get along best with cats. Let’s explore 7 dog breeds that get along with cats:

Golden Retriever:

“Golden” is an appropriate adjective to describe this traditional breed of dog, and golden retrievers are among the greatest dogs for cats.They are gentle and understanding, and they easily welcome cats into their homes.

But from an early age, this kind of dog needs to be educated not to chase after the cat. The cheerful Golden Retriever and cat will undoubtedly make the ideal pair once that is done. This dog breed is also naturally friendly toward other people and pets!

Retriever Labrador:

Known as “Lab,” the joyful Labrador Retriever is a lover, not a fighter. A cat will be warmly welcomed into their group of buddies. The Lab is a gentle giant that will be the perfect companion for your kids in addition to making friends with your cat.

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Perhaps because it was raised to hunt in groups, the friendly Beagle appears to prefer the company of felines. As such, it considers a cat sibling to be a fellow group member.


The definition of a sociable breed and another that gets along well with cats is the pug. A Pug and a cat can become good friends as long as the latter will let the former enter its territory. The Pug and the cat may bond and play together when the owners are away from the house since Pugs like attention.

Bichon Frise:

Because of their joyful and engaging personalities, bichon frises are great as playmates and siblings for cats. For a cat who prefers to be left alone, the Bichon Frise’s gregarious nature can be too much to handle.

Shetland Sheepdog:

The Shetland Sheepdog, sometimes known as the “Sheltie,” is renowned for being cat-friendly despite belonging to the Herding Group. Shetland Sheepdogs are a great choice for cat parents due to their gentle disposition, excellent trainability, and friendly demeanor; once they learn appropriate behavior around cats, they will follow your instructions.


Toy Poodles enjoy playing with cats, Miniatures tolerate them, and Standards ignore them. This kind of dog is devoted to its family and has a strong protective sense toward cats as well!

Final Judgement

Avoid dog breeds that have a strong chasing tendency if you have cats. For example, terriers are energetic, fierce, and persistent.

Their primary ancestry included hunting and killing tiny, fuzzy creatures. This impulse is still there in most, and your cat might become a target.

Moreover, some kinds of high-energy herders, like border collies, sometimes find it impossible to quit herding all of the household’s animals, including cats.

Furthermore, a hyperactive dog may not be appreciated by the cats.

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